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Split Air Intake Turbo Pipe Tube

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Printed Date: 21†Mar†2019 at 4:05pm

Topic: Split Air Intake Turbo Pipe Tube
Posted By: insomniak
Subject: Split Air Intake Turbo Pipe Tube
Date Posted: 12†Jul†2017 at 10:07am
Hi All,
This morning my 2012 Qashqai lost power. On checking the engine bay I find this...

Pipe has spit at the top. Phoned dealers and they have a part in stock (approx £60) and they could fit it (about 30min labour) however they started going on that the error codes will need reseting - costing a few ££ to do so, and the DPF cleared (extra ££) - potentially new oil filter etc (more ££). -- are they telling the truth or taking the pee. They said that it could be £400 

Ive had look around and this does seem to be a common part to fail. has anyone had any horror stories with this work?

Hoping that I can just swap out the part myself and let the red light reset itself (some posts say this does happen)


Posted By: chrisw99
Date Posted: 12†Jul†2017 at 11:24am
You can reset the error code yourself using a free phone app such as Torque and a cheap bluetooth OBD adapter from ebay/amazon (about a fiver)

QQ3: 2014 1.2 dig-T ntec+ gunmetal grey
QQ2: 2013 CVT 360 silver
QQ1: 2009 1.5dci n-tec fired iron

Posted By: insomniak
Date Posted: 12†Jul†2017 at 11:53am
OK, Will change this myself. 

Posted By: TaurusDavid
Date Posted: 12†Jul†2017 at 9:08pm
I had exactly the same problem about a month after a software upgrade. Initially diagnosed as mass air flow sensor but I spotted the split whilst waiting for the quote for the sensor. About £60 for the part and the garage didn't charge for the fitting as it literally took 10 minutes. Reset the code with an ODB reader from Amazon for about £27. New part has substantially more weld.

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